The Support player is one of the most important roles in CSGO as he makes sure everyone in the team have the right environment to perform.

The Support player usually stays behind to setup a flashbang or smoke to make his teammates life easier – however he is also quick to follow and get the tradekill when things do not go to plan.

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The Support-role

That feeling when the flashbang hits just right…

This role specializes in using utility and communication. Utility usage is all about risk management and that is what the Support does well. It is all about throwing good flashbangs and smokegrenades to make it easier for his teammates to enter or defend bombsites, allowing them to focus on having their guns out.

Communication is incredibly important for a Support player since he needs to find out what his teammates need and then do his best to make his journey smooth.

Support weapon


The biggest responsibilities of the Support player in CSGO is to listen to his team and know when to help out and how. It takes a lot of game sense and requires good communication.

Listening to your teammates’ needs and offering your help is important and a big part of playing the support role. Most importantly he has to always remember that his job is to make life easy for your teammates.

Primary focus of the Support

Communicate with and help your teammates

Assist your teammates with flashbangs
Stay close and get the tradekill
Help secure the bomb plant with smokes

Use your spawn position to your advantage

Usually you should always let the aggressive roles go first, but in some cases you can use the spawn to throw a smoke a few seconds faster. This will give your teammates room to keep running and not have to wait for the smoke to bloom.

Example: On T side of dust2 if you spawn close towards A you can buy and throw a smoke that lands on big box while running. This will protect you and your teammates when rushing catwalk.

Economy and Utility

One of the tricks to being a good Support player is to always be ready to drop a weapon to a teammate in need and prioritizing utility above a good rifle. It’s better to have a galil, a smokegrenade and 2 flashes, than it is to have an AK47.

Buy Bind

bind "kp_5" "buy smokegrenade; buy flashbang; buy flashbang; buy vest; buy famas; buy galilar; buy defuser;"

Buy binds make buying the right weapons and equipment faster.

Press the button to copy the bind to clipboard and paste it into your console.
We bound it by default to “5” on your Numpad. To change it, replace “kp_5”
with the button you want to use instead.

Pressing the bind button ingame will purchase all the stuff you need as a Support!


What equipment to buy as Support

As a Support player you should never buy a pistol for yourself. If anything, you should either drop a Tec-9 or Five-Seven for the Entry Fragger or a P250 for the AWP’er. It’s far more important that you save the money for utility.

An SMG is a great tool for a Support player to use in anti-eco rounds to build up economy for the team. The cheap option is usually always the choice for a Support and in this case that still leaves you with a fast fire-rate MP9/Mac-10, both of which we highly recommend.

I want to prepare you already now; it will be great when you get an AK47 in your hands but get used to not affording one after dropping your teammates and buying utility. Usually the go-to rifle for a Support will be a FAMAS/Galil as a compromise for something (or someone) else.

Armor is always useful and should be purchased before choosing which rifle to buy. It is important that you stay alive so that you can continue assisting your team especially when things get intense. Don’t worry about the helmet though – a smokegrenade next round has much more value.

Utility is the prime focus for the Support. You should carry 4 grenades into as many rounds as possible and make good use of them. If money is tight then a smokegrenade is first priority and after that comes flashbangs.

Pistol Round:
On pistol round you would be surprised to see how effective it is to simply buy a smoke and a Tec-9 for the Entry Fragger and buying a smokegrenade for yourself. Use the smoke to enter bombsites – whether it is to get the bomb down or retake the site – as it will severely increase your chances of success.

Eco Round:
As a Support on the T side you should at the very least buy a smokegrenade to help you get onto the site and get a bomb plant. Other than that, you may be asked to drop a pistol for the Entry Fragger and you should do so only if you can afford it.

Anti-Eco Round:
This is a fun round to be a Support player – get a fast-firing SMG like the MP9/Mac-10, a flashbang and a firegrenade. Use the firegrenade to stop potential pushes and mow them down using the firepower of the SMG.

Force-buying for a Support usually involves the Support dropping a weapon for either the Entry Fragger or the AWP’er and then buying the best he can with what he has left. Utility should be the first thing to buy after dropping a weapon. Next priority is armor and then you buy a weapon if you have anything left.

Even in a Full-buy you still want to buy utility first, then armor and then your weapon of choice. We still recommend you buy a FAMAS/Galil just in case something goes wrong and you may need to drop a weapon for someone in the upcoming round. You are the safety net of your team, so you should try to keep some resources available.

Videos of the Support role

Disclaimer: These are staged demonstrations

Tradekills 0:25

OBJECTIVE: Kill the enemy that just killed your teammate.

HOW TO: Always stay close to your teammate and cover their back. If they fall in action, be quick to get the trade – but don’t try to trade against an enemy AWP!

Flash Assists 0:23

OBJECTIVE: Flash an enemy player before he gets killed.

HOW TO: Find an enemy location and coordinate with your teammates to take him out – practice popflashes and use your flashbangs wisely!

Secure Bomb 0:32

OBJECTIVE: Use a smokegrenade to protect the bomb plant.

HOW TO: Use your utility to make sure the bomb plant won’t be interrupted by retaking CT’s. Look at where the bomb is being planted and smoke an area that has direct vision.

Here is what you need to know before trying the Support role!

Support players in CSGO often go unnoticed by the spectators and is a role that is dedicated to helping others shine. It is a very rewarding, respected and recognized role within a team but the same can’t be said about public appearance – and that is the sacrifice of being a Support player.

Do you enjoy helping others and making the life of your teammates easier? Then it might be the role choice for you.

You are the difference maker. Are you up for the challenge?

Support tips & tricks

1. Always make sure to buy flashbangs and smokes

2. Try to help your teammates with flashes and learn from experience

3. Stay close to your teammates to get the tradekill and cover their back

4. Practice popflashes and smokes to give your team the best chances

Go play a better game

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