The Lurker is a role in CSGO that is very difficult to master as it demands a huge amount of experience. Stereotypically the Lurker is always on the opposite side of the map from the rest of the team and in most cases that is true.

The Lurker sneaks around the map and gathers information and usually is the one to get the final kills and clutch the rounds.

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The Lurker-role

That feeling when you force the enemy to rotate…

This role specializes in distractions and clutches. The Lurker will search for information about enemy positions, cause rotations by making noise or try to get a stealthy kill – usually on the opposite side of the map than the rest of his team. The best way to know what to do is to pay attention to what your team is doing. If they get the bomb planted on A, try to cut off rotations from B.

It is important that you stay alive as long as you can so that you can make an impact in the end of the round. Positioning and sneaking are your most important tools as a Lurker – use it wisely, timing is everything.

Lurker weapon


The biggest responsibilities of the Lurker in CSGO is to gather information, stay alive and finish the round. He has to try and force rotations or atleast keep the enemy busy whilst his team is making a move.

When the time comes, he has to get back to his team and finish the job. Timing is everything and it takes a lot of practice and a lot of experimenting to do it well.

Primary focus of the Lurker

Get behind enemy lines and force rotations

Kill players on B so the bomb gets planted on A
Stay alive to clutch the round
Kill flashed enemies so they never see you coming

Use your spawn position to your advantage

As a Lurker a good spawn can be used to get into position before the enemy arrives – allowing you to hear their footsteps and give important information to your teammates. This works on both CT and T side.

Example: On CT side train if you spawn close to alley you can sneak behind the servers before enemies arrive. Wait here and if the enemy makes noise on B you can slowly sneak towards T spawn.

Economy and Utility

The trick to being a good Lurker is to learn how to use smokes to your advantage. Sneaking through or standing in smokes can be very effective if done right. It takes a lot of intuition though which demands a lot of experience so the best advice is to try it in a lot of different scenarios and see what works.

Buy Bind

bind "kp_5" "buy m4a1; buy ak47; buy smokegrenade; buy defuser; buy flashbang; buy flashbang; buy vest;"

Buy binds make buying the right weapons and equipment faster.

Press the button to copy the bind to clipboard and paste it into your console.
We bound it by default to “5” on your Numpad. To change it, replace “kp_5”
with the button you want to use instead.

Pressing the bind button ingame will purchase all the stuff you need as a Lurker!


What equipment to buy as a Lurker

As a Lurker a powerful pistol is not too commonly used but it can come in handy on eco rounds where you want to have a chance to do damage and still be a threat. We recommend you get a Tec-9 or Five-Seven as those pack a good punch and will not run out of bullets too quick.

A silencer alone is not all that effective on its own but as a Lurker you want any advantage you can get. We recommend the MP5-S as your SMG of choice, boasting a high fire rate, good accuracy and the bonus of a silencer.

Regardless of what side you are on your go-to weapon should always be a powerful rifle. On the CT side you again have the benefit of a silencer on the M4A1-S, making it perfect for flanking the enemy. On the T side you should go for the AK-47 where a single bullet to the head of your enemy is enough to put them to sleep.

Armor is always good to have especially when you have to clutch the rounds – but you are a sneaky role and your best weapon is timing and the element of surprise, so avoiding gunfights is a key part of being a Lurker. Helmet should not be your priority.

All utility for the Lurker is good as it can help you sell a fake or clutch the round. Use firegrenades to cover the bomb, use a smoke to get behind enemy lines and use flashbangs to fake a rush.

Pistol Round:
In the pistol round you should buy armor so that you can either take a few hits while faking the other site or so you can help tank the bullets when rushing with your team. The main objective is to either get the bomb down or defend the bombsite – in both cases armor will help.

Eco Round:
As a Lurker in an eco you should go for a small pistol and scout around the map. It is a good opportunity to learn about the opponent because you do not have to be scared of dying as it is expected. Use this freedom wisely – do not let it go to waste.

Anti-Eco Round:
The key to anti-eco is to not put yourself in a position where you are easily overwhelmed and equip yourself with a strong SMG without breaking the bank. Go for the MP5-S as it is deadly accurate and silent at the same time – the perfect combination for a Lurker.

When force-buying as a Lurker you should not compromise on equipment. A strong rifle like the AK-47/M4A1-S and utility is prioritized above the armor – avoid gunfights and try to have an impact without entering into unnecessary duels.

In a full buy you want to have an AK47/M4A1-S, full utility (smokegrenade, firegrenade and flashbangs) and vest. You can buy a helmet if you have enough money for it, but if money is tight you may want to save the money instead.

Videos of the Lurker role

Disclaimer: These are staged demonstrations

Clutch Kills 0:25

OBJECTIVE: Kill the last players of the round.

HOW TO: Finish the round by killing the final players and secure the win by flanking the enemy – be wise, be creative, stay alive and most importantly… Don’t be impatient!

Flash Kills 0:23

OBJECTIVE: Kill an enemy player that is affected by a flashbang.

HOW TO: When flanking the enemies, it is a good idea to get your teammates to flash them as a distraction – don’t pull the trigger too early. Patience will be rewarded!

Secure Bomb 0:32

OBJECTIVE: Kill an enemy player so the bomb can be planted.

HOW TO: Get a kill on the opposite site of your team to cause rotations or on the same site as your team to clear the path for the bomb – use the element of surprise!

Here is what you need to know before trying the Lurker role!

The Lurker is one of the more difficult roles to master in CSGO since it requires great gamesense and a lot of experience to do well. It is an advanced role where a lot of your impact is indirect from forcing rotations, gaining important information and making distractions at the right time.

You need to be very patient and very confident – one misstep can ruin everything

You are the difference maker. Are you up for the challenge?

Lurker tips & tricks

1. Always prioritize utility and strong weapons to clutch the rounds

2. Try to gather as much information as possible without dying

3. Try throwing distractions on the opposite site of your team

4. Always sneak around and do not make unintentional noise

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