About the ARETE platform

What exactly is ARETE?

ARETE is a matchmaking platform for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It matches users according to role choice and skill level, placing them on a team together and matches them against another equally built team.

The teams will then play a match against each other and afterward their performance within their given roles will be rewarded and their statistics updated. For more information, you should check out the other pages!

When will ARETE go live?

We expect to have an Early Access version of the platform Live in January – further updates will be posted in the newsletter!

What will the pricing be?

The pricing has not been finally determined yet, but it will be a premium subscription service.

Where can I find updates on the development?

Updates will be posted in the monthly newsletter.

Where is the platform available?

We start by opening servers in Northern Europe and will pay close attention to our reach to other Regions/Countries – let us know where you want us to open next!