Entry Fragger

The Entry Fragger in CSGO is always the player leading the charge as he is the first to enter bombsites or contested areas in search for kills and map control.

You will almost always see them with their gun out and play aggressively, but a good entry fragger also knows when to be patient and wait for an opening or backup from his teammates.

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The Entry Fragger-role

That feeling when you run up first and outaim your opponent…

This role specializes in using assault rifles and firepower. The Entry Fragger relies heavily on good crosshair placement and recoil control. It is all about focus and being fearless. To have the best chances of getting openings it’s important to lower the risk of failure as much as possible – use the help of a Support player and pre-aim the common angles when engaging.

The Entry Fragger role is not exclusive to just one player per team however, as a secondary Entry can be a good idea for a team with an aggressive playstyle and a lot of firepower.

Entry Fragger weapon


The biggest responsibilities of the Entry Fragger in CSGO is to take initiative at opportune moments. There is nothing like that feeling of taking a deep breath and then running towards an enemy bombsite or into middle and trying your best to outaim your opponent.

Being an Entry Fragger is not all fun and games since communication is an important part and a big responsibility on his shoulders. He has to effectively inform his teammates of enemy positions and be very methodical when he checks and clears the area he is taking over.

Primary focus of the Entry Fragger

Take initiative and open up the rounds

Run first and get the entry kills
Kill flashed enemies while clearing angles
Protect the bomb plant by killing retakers

Use your spawn position to your advantage

Using good spawns is a key strategy for an Entry Fragger to get the jump on his opponent and bring his team in the lead. Most defenses involve molotovs being thrown to stop pushes, however with a good spawn you can sometimes get behind them unharmed and attack the enemy before they expect it.

Example: On T side Inferno if you spawn close to the spawn exit you can run to banana and reach the half wall before the Molotov and kill an aggressive CT by the car or sandboxes.

Economy and Utility

One of the tricks to being a good Entry Fragger is to always have a smokegrenade for rushes. Your teammates will be using their smokes to take and defend the bomb sites – use yours to extinguish firegrenades on your way there.

Buy Bind

bind "kp_5" "buy m4a1; buy ak47; ;buy vest ;buy flashbang; buy smokegrenade; buy defuser; buy flashbang;"

Buy binds make buying the right weapons and equipment faster.

Press the button to copy the bind to clipboard and paste it into your console.
We bound it by default to “5” on your Numpad. To change it, replace “kp_5”
with the button you want to use instead.

Pressing the bind button ingame will purchase all the stuff you need as an Entry Fragger!


What equipment to buy as an Entry Fragger

As an Entry Fragger you always want all the firepower you can get. Get a Tec-9 or a Five-Seven to have as much impact as possible. Best case scenario is to get the pistol dropped to you by a teammate, so you can buy armor with it.

Despite always wanting the most firepower, your priority is still the rifles. That’s why we do not recommend any SMG more expensive than the UMP-45. It is a good weapon that is useful on both close and medium range. Use it to keep up the aggression.

Your main priority here is to get a strong rifle. When you spearhead the rush you want to have a powerful AK47 in your hands. A single shot to the head of your enemy and its lights out. On the CT side there are a few different options such as the AUG, M4A4 and M4A1-S.

It is very important that you prioritize armor right after you have picked the right weapon. You will be tanking a lot of bullets and you want to survive as many duels as possible. That is also why a helmet is on your list of priorities – so that it takes more than a bullet to the head to put you down.

The most important utility for an Entry Fragger is the smoke. You need the smoke to extinguish firegrenades when you push into sites. If you have the money to spare you should use flashbangs to help yourself peek and clear angles and firegrenades to push opponents out of hiding.

Pistol Round:
First thing you buy in the pistol round is armor and then you ask for a pistol drop from the Support. Preferably a Tec-9/Five-Seven which combined with armor will make you a force to be reckoned with. Break the defense or tank the aggression.

Eco Round:
Your priority on the T side should be to get armor and a smokegrenade. If your Support can afford it, he will drop you a pistol, but the goal is not to get kills. The goal of this round is to get the bomb planted and you want to shield your team on the way to the bombsite. Use the smokegrenade to extinguish firegrenades on your way to the site.

Anti-Eco Round:
It is time to farm some money! Grab a strong close-to-medium ranged SMG like the recommended UMP-45 and use your firepower to get some kills and build economy for the upcoming rounds. Again remember to buy a smokegrenade to extinguish firegrenades on your way.

Focus on getting armor first and get an AK47/M4 drop from the Support. You may have to buy a smaller rifle for the Support player to trade. Don’t worry about utility if you can not afford it – the rifle and armor is your top priority in this round.

In a full buy you want to get an AK47/M4, full armor and full utility (smokegrenade, flashbangs, firegrenade) – in that order. You need all the tools you can get to make an impact and you need to be equipped to tank your way through the defense or defend against the enemy attack.

Videos of the Entry Fragger role

Disclaimer: These are staged demonstrations

Entry Kills 0:25

OBJECTIVE: Get the first kill when entering bombsites.

HOW TO: Take initiative and be the first in when entering bombsites or contested areas – but try not to go alone and get a teammate to flash for your and back you up!

Flash Kills 0:23

OBJECTIVE: Kill an enemy player that is affected by a flashbang.

HOW TO: You can either popflash for yourself with an underhand throw but ideally have a teammate to flash for you – but remember to sometimes just wait for the repeek!

Secure Bomb 0:32

OBJECTIVE: Kill an enemy player to clear the bombsite.

HOW TO: Keep your gun out and protect the bomb carrier as he enters the site and tries to plant the bomb – always be on the lookout for sneaky CT’s!

Here is what you need to know before trying the Entry Fragger role!

Being an Entry Fragger in CSGO takes a lot of bravery. You should not be too afraid to go first and most importantly – you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks. The role is the very essence of high risk high reward.

I say “not too afraid” because you do need to be a little scared. You need to respect the risk and the danger so you don’t make bad decisions. It is all about patience, timing, accuracy and speed.

You are the difference maker. Are you up for the challenge?

Entry Fragger tips & tricks

1. Prioritise getting armor and strong weapons such as the AK and M4 over utility

2. Try asking for flashbangs from your teammates before you go peek a contested area

3. Try to always have someone cover your back/side when you clear a site

4. Play prefire maps to learn the common angles

Go play a better game

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