Get access to ARETE – the only CSGO matchmaking platform where you can choose and get scored by the role you play. Play and improve your skills in a structured environment.

ARETE is a matchmaking platform where your
efforts matter

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Role Choice

Pick the role you enjoy the most and specialize yourself

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Better Teams

Play on functional teams based on role choice

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Role based Score

Be rewarded for teamwork, role impact and effort in the game played

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Score based Divisions

Progress in a system based on role performance

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Choose a role on ARETE and focus on it

ARETE lets you play as the CSGO role that fits you. Whether you are a mastermind that wants to lead the team with your brilliant strategies, a supportive player with great situational awareness, an intelligent and patient player lurking in the shadows or an aggressive player with the ability to outaim any opponent with either an AWP or an AK – this is the place for you.

Here you will be recognized for who you are and your specific skillset.
You will be rewarded for your effort and the ability to work together.

IGL | Lurker | AWPSupport  | Entry Fragger

Matchmaking made better

When you play on ARETE you can expect to be placed in a functional team.
Structured Counter-Strike is effective and fun because it lets players focus on the things they are good at.

ARETE match screen

Do you know the feeling when you’ve decided to AWP and see 2 other players on your team buying an AWP as well? Or the classic – you call a strategy and someone else claims to have a better idea. We experience it all the time.

On ARETE you do not need to worry about those scenarios anymore – because with our team composition rules you will be sure to have the right type of players around you and plenty of room for you to do your own thing!

ARETE’s Team Composition Rules

The team composition rules determine which team combinations you can create or end up with.

Which one is your favorite combination? Let us know!

AWP: Max 1
Lurker: Max 1
IGL: Max 1
Support: Min 1, Max 2
Entry Fragger: Min 1, Max 2

ARETE SynergyScore

The scoring system on ARETE is called the SynergyScore and is based on your efforts within the role you choose and your ability to work together with your teammates in CSGO . We have a unique set of statistics for each of the 5 different roles that measure how you performed the specific role. The Score you get will be based primarily on those unique statistics which allows you to focus solely on those responsibilities.

Choose your specialty
The SynergyScore is designed in a way that allows you to focus on specific areas within your role. Let us say you are a Support player and you want to focus on firepower and be the best tradefragger in the world. Or maybe you want to only focus on utility? Both things are possible with the SynergyScore – it allows you to be creative and gives you the freedom to define the role around you.

We designed it to be realistic by understanding that you should not be expected to do more than what is necessary.

ARETE division system

When you fall within the Rank-Down Zone, your next game will determine if you can stay in your current division or if you rank down to a lower division.
When you reach the Rank-Up Zone, your next game will determine if you stay in your current division or if you rank up to a higher division.

ARETE Division System

Any matchmaking system needs divisions but usually, they are just based on wins and losses. It is important that you play with and against players equally skilled as you. In a team game we need a system that is based on you as a teamplayer.

How the Divisions work
There are 6 Divisions that you can move between dynamically. Each Division consists of 1000 points. When you are close to moving to a new division you enter the Rank-Up zone, which unlocks the “Rank-Up” game. If you get a good SynergyScore in the Rank-Up game, you will move to the next Division – if not then you lose a bunch of points and need to earn your way back up to another chance!

How the progression works
Ranking up on ARETE is a very unique experience that is based heavily on your effort. There are fixed values for wins and losses, but we add your SynergyScore on top of that. This means that you will not lose as many points if you play well and play together, even though you are losing the match. In other words, you will be rewarded for not giving up.

No more careless teammates

The entire platform is designed to reward players working together in Counter-Strike. Everything from the SynergyScore to progression in the Divisions is heavily influenced by teamwork. Even when you are on the losing side in matches you can still gain points. The more you try the more you and your teammates will progress.

We want you to help each other and never give up – because here the efforts and teamwork between players matter just as much as the result.

Go play a better game

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